Love Lost: Love Found

>> Tuesday, March 13, 2012

She is the reason you exist. Youth in her face belies her wisdom yet her Childlike innocence hides a secret no one should ever understand.

Quick-silvered Time passes as she grows to know your every move, your breath, your face. Nothing about you is hidden; nothing is sacred but everything is a miracle.

She is at once entwined and enveloped while you are separate yet inseparable. Breathing the same rhythms and beating the same life.

The moment comes to give you notice and declare every delight under the stars. The heavens sing. The choirs exalt. The earth turns to bring you closer.

Caressing your newness, embracing your familiarity, she gazes at the wonder of you and offers a wrenching sacrifice; handing you over to strangers to give you a life and a future and walks away charred.

The love of one mother to another.


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