The Girl Effect

>> Thursday, October 7, 2010

The girl effect is about girls. And boys. And moms and dads. And villages and towns and countries.

The clock is ticking... See how a 12-year-old girl could be the solution the world needs right now.

Adolescent girls are capable of raising the standard of living in the developing worlds. Girls are the most likely agents of change, but they are often invisible to their societies and to our media.

Given the chance, girls are uniquely capable of investing in their communities and making their lives, and the lives of their brothers, sisters and communities, better. Girls can be the effective agents of change if given the chance.

The end is nothing less than ending poverty.

yay girls! yay boys!


Changing the World: One Kid at a Time

>> Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wow-za! Who is this kid and where do we get 100 more just like him to be our future leaders??

Go Birke!


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