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>> Friday, September 3, 2010

Holy Hurricanes!

It’s a quiet Friday here on the East Coast as some of our shorelines brace for Hurricane Earl to pass by. Here in our backyard we’re not expected to get much in the way of whirly weather but our neighbors to the East have battened down the appropriate hatches.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we are spending our weekend packing for our annual pilgrimage to Mexico. 10 years ago we fell in love with a sleepy little fishing village called Playa del Carmen and have been returning ever since. It’s our time to enjoy the local people, the crystalline blueness of the waters there and reconnect with life. We look forward to eating simple fresh cooked meals at a table together, reveling in all things ocean-going and watching the sun set over Cancun. Ahhh, breathe and relax.

Because we are a special needs family, life in general can be pretty stressful and emotions often run high. I’ve taken note of my internal disquiet of late and made it a priority to simplify my world at home. This means de-cluttering with a vengeance, streamlining processes and trying to remember the simple pleasures in life. I’ve also been toying with a project of gratitude and kindness. The more I open myself to the idea the more the universe is cooperating to help me begin the journey. My heart is telling me to lean into the discomfort and jump in with both feet. So, (holding my nose for a pencil dive) here goes….

The idea is my Karma Krusade: A Weekly Random Act of Kindness.

Here’s the plan. I want to use my time South of the Border thinking of ways to pass on small token gestures once a week to strangers, colleagues, friends, …anyone who could use some undercover kindness, a helping hand or just a pick me up. Through the end of the year I’ll let you all know what that weeks mission entailed.

I’d love to have some company if any Soul Siblings want to join in and send me – playadelcarmen2002@yahoo.com – your Act of Kindness for the week or just some creative ideas on how to spread the love!

hasta luego mis amigos~


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