The illusion of change

>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009

At times it may seem that if only we could call a “time out” from the continual demands on our attention and energies, if we could somehow just take a break from constantly having to deal with one thing after another, then perhaps we might get a glimpse of what we were looking for. And so we may attempt to shift gears: a change of scene, a vacation, a new hobby, some alteration in our usual routines. We make some outward change in the hope it will bring us closer to some peace with the outer world, equilibrium within, or a vantage point from which we will be able to make more sense of our lives, to see ourselves more clearly. But inevitably the vacation ends, the novelty becomes familiar, and the change, routine. Thus the merry-go-round begins again.

–John Daishin Buksbazen, from Zen Mediation in Plain English (Wisdom)


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