How has the internet saved you money/time? A list to get you started

>> Friday, April 17, 2009

We stumbled on the start of this thread and thought it so much fun we wanted to find out what our readers could add to the list.

Tell does being connected internet save you time or money?

  • I used to buy newspapers/magazines, now I get all my news and print entertainment online.

  • I used to use manila folders and paper but now use File-sharing

  • I used to rent movies, but now I watch Hulu.

  • I used to pay for cable, now I watch TV on the internet for free.

  • I used to pay travel agents, now I use Travelocity/Expedia/Southwest/Orbitz/etc

  • I used to go to used car dealers, now I go to craigslist

  • I used to buy music. Now I Google "".

  • I used to watch TV on a schedule; now I watch it on my computer whenever I have time and am about to cancel cable TV service.

  • I used to buy USB thumbdrives, but then I started emailing stuff I need to myself.

  • I used to sell things at consignment stores, now I use Craigslist.

  • I used to use floppy disks/CDs/flash drive, now I use Gmail/GoogleDocs.I used to buy cookbooks, now I use AllRecipes, and various other cooking websites for recipes.

  • I used to go shopping at supermarkets, now I do my grocery shopping online and at local fruit/veggie markets.

  • I used to use the big yellow book to look up phone numbers, now I use google, anywho or another free directory sites.

  • I used to fail to ever get a database working in MS Access, now I use Zoho Creator.

  • I used to buy the newspapers, now I read them online.

  • I used to buy magazines now I use Zinio and find free subscriptions.

  • I used to buy CDs to get new music but now i browse's free mp3 collection

  • I used to haul around files on thumbdrives, but now I use Dropbox

  • I used to pay for my dinner on my birthday and now I search online for restaurants that give you a free dinner on you birthday.

  • I used to argue sports/politics/religion in I can do it from the comfort and safety of my own home.

  • I used to pay for Family Tree Maker genealogy software, now I use Geni

  • I used to buy Microsoft Office, now I use Open Office and Thunderbird

  • I used to buy entire albums on CD for one song, now I use Hypemachine, LastFM, Pandora, and Skreemr

  • I used to use FrontPage to create websites, now I use Wordpress and Drupal

  • I used to pay for Norton Internet Security, now I use Comodo Internet Security

  • I used to buy road atlases for traveling by car, now I use Google Maps and Google Earth

  • I used to subscribe to the Consumer Reports magazine, now I Google consumer reporting websites

  • I used to buy camera film, pay to have my photos developed, and buy extra copies for friends and family. Now I post them on facebook and flickr.

  • I used to use the phone, but now I send instant messages.

  • I used to have a rolodex / address book, but now I use social networking and outlook

  • I used to pay full price for things I order online, but now I google for coupon codes.

  • I used to use Quicken now I use

  • I used to use encyclopedias now I use Wikis.

  • I used to pay for pornography.

  • I used to buy the paper for coupons now I use Slickdeals and RetailMeNot
What about you?


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