Sites and Sounds: Free Plenty Magazine Subscription

>> Monday, January 5, 2009

Knowing that many of our readers are ecology minded I couldn't resist passing on this cool freebie to you all.

Pepsi has teamed up with Plenty Magazine, for, most likely a limited time, offering of FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS.

Head on over to Pepsi Live Earth, then click on the little green monster on the right side of the screen. Fill in the pertinent info and look for your confirmation for a free years (bimonthly) subscription to Plenty Magazine.

Don't forget to pass the rag on to your friends when you're finished or recycle it.


LifeHack: 10 Painless ways make your savings grow

>> Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fess overspent on the holidays. The credit card bill arrives under cloak and dagger and your savings account has shed its figure like your under watered Christmas tree. Here's a couple of quick 10 that will get some life back into your budget. (Paddles, CLEAR! ...............THUMP! )

  • After you make the last payment on an installment loan, set up an automatic transfer of the same dollar amount into your savings or investment account. The difference won't be missed but your savings will grow painlessly.
  • If shopping at a store that tallies your savings note the amount and transfer those dollars into a savings account.
  • Use half the laundry detergent called for - we've been doing this for some time and have yet to notice dingy clothes.
  • Freeze your credit card in a block of ice and leave in the freezer. By the time you have it defrosted you will have had time to consider your purchase and reevaluate whether it deems worthy of the "global warming".
  • Start shopping now (January) for Christmas or any other upcoming gift giving event. Most stores have killer sales and clear our holiday items at huge discounts.
  • Check our your magazine subscriptions. Are there any you can read online for free and cancel the hardcopy?
  • Call your cable company and ask if there are any promotions. If all else fails ask for a discount outright. I 'threatened' to switch our service to a different provider recently and was offered a $20 discount off our monthly bill. You can try this with your credit card companies also just be prepared for them to call your bluff.
  • Visit your local Library! Check out books, CD's and DVDs without spending a dime.
  • Use your credit card reward points to "buy" gift cards for upcoming birthdays and holidays. The gift cards are roughly twice as much value as the cash back option.
  • Bypass brokers and their bulky commissions by purchasing shares of comapny stock directly. Look for Direct Purchase Plan companies that let you deal directly with the company:


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