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Help for Cancer Patients


Cleaning for a ReasonA nonprofit serving the entire United States and Canada,  partners with local maid services to offer professional house cleanings to help women undergoing treatment for cancer, any type of cancer. 

American Cancer Society. Free. 800-ACS-2345 to locate a chapter near you
Wigs for Kids - For children under the age of 18. Free. 
Susan G. Komen for the Cure. To locate a chapter near you
Crickett’s Answer For Cancer. Wigs and other head fittings as well as salon services for wigs. Free to any woman with breast cancer. 717-843-7903; 301-935-4411
Y-ME.  Wigs and styling tips for women with limited resources.  YourShoes 24/7 Breast Cancer Support Center; 800-221-2141

Road to RecoveryThe American Cancer Society's Road to Recovery program provides free transportation to cancer patients for medical or treatment appointments related to their diagnosis. 



The face behind Everlasting Designs is Mother to a beautiful little boy, adopted at birth, who was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome (autism) and ADHD at the age of three, some years ago. Life as we knew it was turned on end shortly thereafter.

Prior to our *special needs* lifestyle, I painted, collaged, drank wine, philosophized and managed a small antique/collectibles website and online store. During lunch at my real, mortgage-paying job I trolled local venues for wares to stock my store...Life was good.

Life is still good but drastically reinvented.

While the creativity still flows it has taken on a different face out of necessity. You can't really staunch the need to create but rather have to let it eek out its own personality. It does and it did.

Writing has taken the place of brush and canvas; it takes up less space, is non-messy and can be done anywhere. And what better way to gain instant gratification than a blog.

The need to have a more ordered, zen, less schtuff-filled life became a need also. A mass exodus of boxes leaving for other homes filled me with great calm and joy for reasons not quite known to me. Mimimalism: the absence of tchotchkes and superfluous decor is simply peaceful.

That way of living is what we would like to expand, theorize and discuss here. Let us know if you have any topics you would like to see developed.

If you would like to contact us send an email to


Natural Skin Care - SHOP

In the South of France, near the foothills of the Alps, there is a land where herbs and flowers abound.
The air is clear and the country life is simple.
This is Provence... in Provence everything is influenced by these herbs and flowers - from the fresh Rosemary in their cuisine to the petals blended in their perfumes.
It is now easier to understand why the Proven├žal way of health and beauty is commonly based on the ancient art of aromatherapy - the use of specially selected essential oils extracted from plants for the purposes of homeopathic medicine and spiritual balance.
These yummy French products reflect this ancient art. Produced in France from a rich base of vegetable oils.

Pre de Provence French Soap 150 gram Apricot
Contains shea butter with a mild citrusy fragrance. Triple milled and Incredibly long lasting. Blended with crushed Apricot Kernals which are great for gentle, effective exfoliation.

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